What I like best about editing is the first review when I’m getting acquainted with the material and I feel as though my mind is touching the mind of the writer. I enjoy working with a confusing sentence until I can ask, “What is the author trying to say?” and come up with an answer that is clearer—that not only can be understood but cannot be misunderstood.

- Elizabeth Jean Betsch


EDITING Materials
• Eliminate grammar, syntax, and spelling errors • Academic articles and research
• Reduce unnecessary repetition • Dissertations and theses
• Ensure clarity • Journal articles
• Ensure consistency of style and punctuation • Health technology assessments
• Improve the overall quality and readability of your text • Resumes and CVs
  • Books
  • Continuing medical education scripts
  • Protocols and protocol amendments
Translation • Marketing scripts
  • Statistical analysis plans
writing • Orphan drug applications
  • Review charters